I'm On A Mission To Ignite The Human Connection With Empathy-Rich Copy That Builds

Unity & Community And Drives Meaning & Purpose To Help You Thrive & Survive!

Jess Maria Dwyer|Jessi Juice|Creative Content and Copywriting Storytelling in Denmark


I am creative by nature and a multi-skilled entrepreneur at heart!

As an empath...I cherish and understand the value of nurturing meaningful relationships.

My love for people drives me to inspire Unity & Community and my heart desires to create copy that empowers people to discover Meaning & Purpose

to help them Thrive & Survive!

I like to challenge the status quo and I love to harness the superpower of storytelling with creative copy that captivates, to make an authentic human connection. I believe in driving value, and creating a memorable experience while making a positive impact.

I am a one-of-a-kind Content & Copywriter who brings a wealth of knowledge through my diverse and multi-skilled career as a - Brand Ambassador, Key Account Manager, Senior Customer Success Manager, and LinkedIn Expert.

Before we create great copy...I can offer you the added benefit of helping you to assess if you have packaged and presented your offering in the most unique and tantalizing way. 

I stepped into my passion for writing ten years ago when I started a wellness blog whilst working in corporate...I started transitioning into Copywriting in 2017...and the rest is history!

My life feels blissful when I get swept away into that timeless space...as I pour my heart into my writing...and the keyboard and I become one!



Jessi Juice English Storytelling Copywriter Denmark

Currently Self-Employed

Freelance Content & Copywriter

Jessi-Juice-Storytelling Copywriting Services in Denmark

"I reach hearts and minds with the power of my pen"

Within me is a fiery and burning passion to uplift and restore Community.

Through writing, I empower people and uncover potential.

I believe that strong relationships and partnerships rely on honesty, transparency, reliance and trust.

Customers want to feel they are making a good investment, and they generally gravitate towards people and companies that match their values.

"I profoundly impact people with my

passion for the written word."

Jessi Juice English Storytelling Copywriter Denmark
Jessi Juice English Storytelling Copywriter Denmark

"I Inject The Elixir Of Life Into Copy With Empathy-Rich, Value-Driven Content That Builds Trust & Enthusiasm & Nurtures Loyal Fans."

My Writing Niche & Services



  • Health - True health and wellness through Wholefoods Nutrition and an Organic & Natural Lifestyle
  • Body and Mind - Fitness and Personal Development


  • How lifestyle choices and business practices impact environment.
  • Reducing the use of earth's natural resources and
  • Reducing ecological footprint through conscious lifestyle choices, and circular business activities and conscious choices.


      • Professional Profile Overhaul - Let's ignite your profile 
      • Copywriting - One professional article and three posts to display in your 'Featured Section'.

      I help people to raise their reputation and build trust and followers


      • Professional LinkedIn Profile Overhauls

      • SEO Friendly Content

      • Create Your Brand Voice Guide

      • Sales Pages and Brochures

      • Landing Pages and Webpage Content

        • Blog Posts and Guest Posts

        • Social Media Content

        • Product Launches, Reviews and Descriptions

        • Email Sequences